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What a year!


Dear readers,

Hurricanes ravaged Florida and the Caribbean, a massive earthquake rocked Mexico City and Donald Trump was sworn in as president of the USA. Here in Germany, we had to bid farewell to Roman Herzog and Helmut Kohl, and we watched Air Berlin’s slide into bankruptcy and the consequences of the national parliamentary elections with equal amazement … what a year!

And at binder? Here, too, we can say: ‘What a year!’ Unlike the often sobering news from around the world, however, our current situation is nothing but positive. This has been a standout year for our company. Never have we had so many incoming orders, and never have our sales been so high. In short, we have never been as successful as in the last twelve months. We have also made a strong start on our new construction project, as you all can see. This has been, and remains, possible only with your commitment and motivation, for which you have my sincere thanks.

In this issue we present impressions from our trade fairs in November, pose interesting questions to Alfred Schraudolf about his new position, and report on our subsidiaries in England and Singapore. Additionally, we continue our reading series by introducing another long-time binder distributor, and we bring you up to date on various matters, with articles on such topics as patents, hazardous materials and cable printing.

Warm regards,


Markus Binder

General Manager


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